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How about parking?
Our small parking lot is available for active loading and unloading only. There is a free parking lot on the east side of the yard, as well as metered parking along Shelter Island Drive.
Can I work on my boat nights and weekends?
Yes, there are no gates or locks in our yard. We find that if you don’t hide behind tall walls that people are less interested in finding out what is behind them. However, remember that the same rules apply whether it is Tuesday morning or Saturday night.
What else may I not do?
You cannot scrape or clean your boat in the water or on the ways. We don’t allow people to spray paint on their own bottoms or weld on their boats. Also, no customer is permitted to move the blocking or the boat stands supporting your boat. Leave those things up to us.
Can I pressure wash my own boat?
No. Our insurance would have a fit if they knew we were letting people use dangerous machinery. Even if you have done it a thousand times before, we just can’t be liable for you accidently shooting your hand off. Sorry.
Can my friend/ kids/ uncle/ high school sweetheart help me?
Yes, as long as they are just helping. If you pay someone to help then you are hiring a subcontractor. All subcontracted labor must be scheduled through the yard office and provide proof of insurance.
What is a lay-day?
We charge $3 per foot per day for the privilege of working on your own boat in our yard. Lay-days include electricity and water. We count the day after you are hauled out as the first lay-day. If you are ready to go in the water at 7:30 am on launch day, then we will not charge you a lay-day that day either.
Can I work on my own boat in your yard?
Yes, we allow DIY everyday of the week. We ask that you please familiarize yourself with our yard rules if you are planning on doing your own work. Additional charges will be assessed at $80 per hour if the yard rules are not followed. Click here ‘Yard Rules.doc’ to download the Koehler Kraft Yard Rules.
Do I need to make reservations?
We like having as much notice as possible. Usually our schedule is about 2 weeks out. If there is an emergency we will be willing to work with you on a last minute basis, however, generally 2 weeks notice is best.
What is included in a bottom job package?
Standard haul/launch, pressure wash, basic bottom prep, 1 coat on the bottom and 2 coats on the waterline of anti-fouling paint rolled on (including under blocks), scraping and priming all metals, clearing thru-hulls/screens of barnacles and other debris, painting thru-hulls, and installing zincs if needed. This package does not include the removal of excessive marine growth, blister work, or removal of flaking paint from years of paint build up.
Do I have to buy supplies from Koehler Kraft?
We do not currently require customers to buy supplies from Koehler Kraft. However, we appreciate your business and encourage you to compare our competitive pricing. We also have catalogs from major suppliers. We can get materials same day and many special orders next day with no shipping charges.
Are there restrooms available?
Yes, restrooms and showers are available.
What forms of payment do you take?
We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Payment must be received in full before the boat is launched.
Do you have a logo tee shirt?
We sell Koehler Kraft tee shirts as well as select size tees from previous year’s Wooden Boat Festival.
Have another question we didn’t address?
Call us! We would be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.