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a midsized white powerboat is being hoisted by a crane



Koehler Kraft has two systems for hauling out wood and fiberglass boats, a 90-ton crane and a 40-ton marine railway system. Boats from 20 to 70 feet in length can be hauled out for simple inspections or can be placed in our 150′ work dock.


The crane can be used to haul out boats wider than some travel lift systems can accommodate in San Diego, and can also be used to assist with lifting and placement of heavy objects, such as new motors or to unstep/step masts.

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Marine Railways

Koehler Kraft operates a 40-ton marine railway system.  It is a two drum draw works system.  Applicants should be familiar with the operation of this system.  See photos below for more details.

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large white sailboat sitting in a marine railway cradle waiting to be launched into the water
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