Wooden Boat Festival 2017

“Hey Krabby, is the Wooden Boat Festival at your boat yard this month? I want to come and check it out - I recently acquired a PC class sloop and realized how much there is to learn about taking care of a boat built of wood” asked a young wooden boat enthusiast.

“Yes, it is Father's Day weekend, June 17th and 18th. In fact, this is the 27th annual gathering of people like you, who have an interest in boats built of wood. You will see and learn a lot about the many aspects of taking care of your boat. There will be classic and modern boats open to tour, similar to our Opening Day, only with an emphasis on the maintenance, repair, and construc on of all types of wooden boats.” I answered.

“That’s sounds perfect, I have so many questions, will there be the opportunity to visit the shed and see your current restora on projects?” He asked.

“Absolutely. There will be plenty of hands-on opportunities and building demonstrations of featured projects in the yard, as well as owner-built projects of the exhibitors. I think, it's these interactive exhibits that make the Wooden Boat Festival so interesting and fun; it's much more than just a boat show but an interactive display of real boat building and repair projects with experts on-hand to explain the process. As much as the event is focused on 'wooden boats', you'll be surprised at all the different things that relate to every type of boat, not just the wood ones. Many of our techniques today utilize modern adhesives and coatings that are commonplace on fiberglass boats. There is really something for every type boa ng enthusiast during this weekend.”

“I made a round of drinks - I figured all this talk about wooden boats was making you two thirsty” chimed in the East Coaster, coming up from below.

“You must have been reading my mind, I was just telling our young friend about this year's Festival,” I answered.

“Last year was my first time going, and it was so much fun. It is one thing to see these boats out on the water, but it's really cool to tour the boats and chat with the owners. Where I’m from you see boats like these but the opportunity for a close-up look is rare. It is very interesting to hear the stories from the owners of the boats that are genuinely proud of their crafts,” said the East Coaster.

“Thanks for the drink. The Festival sounds great, one of these years I hope to be able to bring my boat to the festival, but I have a lot of work to do first,” said the wooden boat enthusiast.

“Well, hold on a minute. You don't have to have your boat completed to be at the festival. People come to our Festival to see the whole evolution of a project, not just the finished product. You know, most people look at wooden boats as a hole in the water to throw away your time and money, but the reality is that no matter what the boat is made of, keeping her nice takes time and money. It may be true that a wooden boat may take a little more time or money, but we are fortunate in San Diego to have a strong local community of fellow wooden boat owners. Connect with this community and you can learn a few tricks of the trade to make life easier.

"We've been challenging the notion that wooden boat projects are ‘mission impossible’ over the past 27 years, by demonstrating that restoring an old beauty is not just a dream. Last year, visitors saw what looked like a pile of sticks being worked on, this year they will see that pile of sticks has been transformed into a stunning yacht. We will have a few ‘work-in-progress boats' this year for you to see the how the projects are built from the inside out.” I said.

“Ok then, next year I will plan to bring my boat to the festival no matter how far along I am with the project,” replied the enthusiast.

“You should definitely do that, it is valuable to visitors to see the different stages of various projects."

"The way that the many structural pieces fit together is so elegant, each project is like a piece of art,” added the East Coaster.

“Sounds like, we can count on seeing you there on Father’s Day weekend, and next year with your wooden boat.” I concluded, raising my glass.

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