A $32,000 harbor patrol and rescue boat was christened yesterday at the Koehler Kraft Co., 2303 Byron St.

Mrs. Lucian K. Small, wide of a marine products company president, broke a bottle of champagne on the bow of the specially equipped craft before it slid down the rails into San Diego Bay.

The 32 1/2 foot, 30-knot boat, is equipped with three engines, two of 275 horsepower each and the third of 125 horsepower.

The equipment includes a two-way radiotelephone permitting the crew to keep in touch with patrol cars of the harbor security force, radar, and plumbing equipment.

Anderson Borthwick, chairmen of the Harbor Commission, said the radar will help the boat maneuver in fog. The craft will carry equipment for fighting boat fires until Fire Department units arrive.

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