1976 Doug Peterson Quarter Ton, Design #39

Built by Chubasco Boats, San Diego, CA

The first of the "post pintail" IOR boats from Doug. This was Doug's personal boat, sailed in the 1976 QT Worlds by Tom Blackaller to 4th Place. Currently under a major refit at Koehler Kraft.

Measurements were taken from from the original paint lines and a survey was made of hardware placement before the sides were soda blasted, sanded, and sealed in epoxy.

Measurements were taken for all of the deck hardware locations, the location and shape of the cabin house, and the cockpit before everything was removed. The termites had done most of the demolition work for us, we just had to clean up after them.

A new forward bulkhead was built and the forward deck was replaced with two layers of marine plywood encapsulated in epoxy to keep out the moisture and termites going forward.

The new cockpit was given a test fit before it was sealed up in epoxy. Unlike its predecessor this cockpit will drain properly avoiding the accumulation of water in the corners.

While we still have easy access to the inside of the hull the crew did some final sanding, repairs, and cleaning. Meanwhile CF worked on the cockpit floor. Instead of fighting with epoxy fillets he used the router to make wood ones to fit into the corners. It allows us to make a uniform edge.

With the cockpit done we moved onto the cabin house. As you can see the old one was termite riddled and tired. Tony constructed a new cabin house which was then disassembled and coated in epoxy.

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