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1924 wooden schooner in the marine railway cradle waiting to be launched

1924 Winslow Staysail Schooner


Full Restoration

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2017 December - 2018 April

2018 May-July

2018 August-2019 January

2019 January-March

Quascilla History

Quascilla was commissioned in 1924 by Mr. Waddingham of Seattle, WA.  She is a Ralph Winslow-designed 53’ staysail schooner.  The Blanchard Boat Company built her with stout teak planking and iron fasteners, a common practice for the day.  She was built as a yacht and enjoyed several years in the Pacific Northwest before moving to California in 1932 or 1933.

In 1957 Martha Baker of the Southwestern Yacht Club in San Diego raced Quascilla in the Transpacific Yacht Race.  Her 12-year-old daughter joined her as a crew member and became the youngest crew member ever in the race.  Martha was also the first female owner/skipper in the Transpac.  The winds were extremely light that year and took them 18+ days to finish.  You can read more about that trip here.

Quascilla eventually found her way into the hands of current owners Dirk Langer and Theona Stefanis.  They enjoyed racing and cruising on her for several years before deciding that at 93 years old Quascilla needed some help.  The iron fasteners were giving way, frames were rotting out and it was time for a new engine.  They commissioned Koehler Kraft to complete a restoration and the rest is history.

Scope of Work

December 2017-March 2019

QUASCILLA was rebuilt entirely from the deck down with new purple heart frames and mahogany planking.  All pieces of wood were individually coated in epoxy before being attached to the boat to protect them from water intrusion and ensure they last another 100 years.

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